Patient Care Services

We provide patient care services such as blood pressure and blood sugar checks, smoking cessation counselling, weight management and many more. Check out our Services page for the complete list!

Exceed Your Expectations

A visit to your local pharmacy should be as pleasant as having a cup of coffee at your favourite café, we design our pharmacy to provide you an unforgettable shopping experience.

Like Us

We are actually a bunch of people lovers and customer service company that happens to run a community pharmacy. Like us on Beyond Pharmacy FB Page, we will amaze (or amuse) you!


Where is Beyond Pharmacy?
What products do you sell?
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Our Values

Heart to Heart

Our people are authentic, compassionate and warm. We give our customers the warmest yet not awkward welcome and yes this applies to all of us working in Beyond Pharmacy.

Straight Up

Honestly is the best policy, this doesn’t get old. We do the right thing at all cost, believing that it will benefit our customers and ourselves.

Gamer Attitude

Try again? Yeap.

Try again? Yes. Try again?

Duh. You get the idea.

Life is Fun

We spent at least 50% or more of your life working, and we believe that it shouldn’t be a dreadful thing to do. We keep our staff happy so that they can keep you happy too!


Exceeding your expectations is what drives us!

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