Blood Pressure Monitoring

The “silent killer”, high blood pressure often leads to serious health conditions such as heart disease or stroke. Check your blood pressure regularly, it only takes a few minutes. Available for FREE at Beyond Pharmacy.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Needless to say, diabetes is also one of the most prevalent condition in Malaysia and if uncontrolled, can lead to serious complications. Have it checked regularly to monitor your blood sugar control.

Total Blood Cholesterol Monitoring

About 35% of Malaysian adults have high cholesterol and most are not using any form of treatment. Have it checked, even if you think you are fit and healthy.

Smoking Cessation Counselling

Smoking doesn’t make you cool. Want to quit? We are here to help, providing support and aids that suit your needs.

Travel Medicines

Don’t fly unless you have all your travel medicines ready. We provide all around travel advices and supplies so we can travel with ease.

Weight Management

Keeping fit requires determination and hard work, with the correct information and advices, we can help you get there faster!

Family Planning

Starting a family? Birth control? We can help. Family planning is important for the health of a mother and her children, as well as the family’s economic situation.

Medication Management

Confused by your medicines and troublesome regimens? Book an appointment today to understand how to use your medicines better and better manage your health conditions.

Diet Counselling

Cannot eat this cannot eat that…

Eating healthy?

Are you doing it the right way?